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OUT NOW: Neon Nation (Mixed by Kutski)

The #KTRA250 album 'Neon Nation' mixed by Kutski is OUT NOW!

Keeping The Rave Alive has been sweeping the globe over the past 4 years, uniting true hard music lovers who don't want to be pigeonholed in their love for the harder styles and instead embrace all forms in one, appreciating musical diversity which at this time has never been greater.

Lead by the pioneer of this global movement, hailing from UK shores, this true scene legend works tirelessly to break down the barriers of musical genres and stereotypes and spread the love of hard music worldwide. His name is Kutski and this year he will bring all the nations of the harder styles together, shining bright in 4 fluorescent colours, a Neon Nation brought to you by Keeping The Rave Alive!

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1. Dr Phunk - FVCK
2. Phrantic & Omegatypez - C’mon
3. Ruthless - Funky Beats
4. Zatox - Sunlight
5. D-Block & S-Te-Fan - Everything Changed (Scantraxx)
6. Showtek, Technoboy & Tuneboy - Mellow
7. Coone - Robotz
8. Soundrush - Lifetime
9. Audiofreq - Daylight
10. Bioweapon - Make A Move
11. A-Lusion - Supernova
12. Zany - Feel The Bass
13. Geck-o - International Outernational
14. Transfarmers - Here We Go Again 2016
15. Bass D - 1000 Miles
16. Potato - Street Kombat
17. Ransom ft. MC Creature - Fist Pumpin
18. Mark With A K & Warface - Fear Of The Dark
19. Alex Kidd, Pyrodoxx ft. Chase - Don’t You Worry
20. Hard Driver - Light Up The Ganga
21. Chain Reaction - Oldskool Style
22. Dirty Bastards - Back To The Oldskool
23. DJ Paul Elstak - The Promised Land (The Viper Remix)
24. Restyle & Scott Brown ft. Ceci - I Go Crazy
25. Reevoid - The Rush
26. Destructive Tendencies & Warface - Release The Kraken (Hardcore Blasters)
27. Advanced Dealer & Kutski - Killscreen


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OUT NOW: Neon Nation (Mixed by Kutski)

The #KTRA250 album 'Neon Nation' mixed by Kutski is OUT NOW! ...

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